Christmas Tree real or fake ?


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We have used an artificial tree for several years.

Last year we bought a real tree which we kept in a pot outside the front door. We have kept it outdoors since then and I am considering bringing it inside this year as it has a really good shape.

My wife is worried that this will bring bugs/insects indoors. Is this likely?
Check for squirrels.


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My fake tree will be 15 years old this year. I already think I have had my monies worth out of it, and see no reason yet to get another.


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We had a plastic one for years but went back to real some years ago. We get a smallish one these days. They are expensive but when one looks at the work involved it's not unreasonable.

ALDI have some nice looking trees at £18.99 which they claim are pot grown. I keep meaning to have a proper look. The downside to pot grown is where to plant it out. We have a decent sized garden and allotment but nowhere suitable for a Christmas tree.


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I think Denmark is the largest exporter of Christmas trees in Europe and I can get a nice one for a fiver. But I have never bothered using a tree.

Im not much of a Christmas person.

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As I am a bit tight, I am always shocked at how expensive Christmas trees are so last year we didn’t bother. I have a twisted willow tree in my garden which grows like buggery so I am always having to have it pruned. This means I have a giant pile of offcuts at the bottom of my garden. The branches are quite decorative so last year I stuck a few in a vase and hung deccies on them. View attachment 495230


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Mrs B and I always used to buy rooted trees and after Christmas, replant them on land my Dad had already planted extensively with both deciduous and conifer trees. So we could periodically monitor how they were progressing. After he died and the house and land were sold :cry:so we bought a rooted tree, which for 2 - 3 years used to spend Christmas in the house and the rest of the year in the garden. Then it just got too big and heavy, so it had to stay in the garden and we bought an artificial one, which we have stuck with since.
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Beech branch here. Reaches from floor to ceiling in a large curve, loads of buds to hook lights and things on, no mess and looks super cool. Free and becomes kindling for next year.
I have a large beech hedge at the front of my house which I put Christmas lights in, looks great but is a complete pain to get the lights out of at the end of Christmas.


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I bought a really expensive fake tree about twenty years ago, I'm still using that although I'm getting a bit of friction from the wife and kids to get a real one this year. I'll still put the fake one up, might have to go in the dining room, but without moving the whole room around a real tree in the living room would be next to a radiator and I reckon it would dry out fairly sharpish.

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No tree. They are just dust catchers and I hate having to move everything around to get them in. We havn't had a tree for years. I keep saying I will buy some outdoor lights and put them on one of the trees at the front of my house, but I never do.

Now and again we bring some holly in and put it on top of the mantle piece.

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Our tree stays outside in its pot for most of the year and is brought inside for Christmas. Ideally it should be reported but a bigger pot would not fit through the door.


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We bought one of the new "realistic" artifical trees last as I had a 10% off voucher and a £20 off voucher. Should pay for itself over 5 years. I might try and find a small cut real tree for the dining room. I have a potted tree from last year but don't want to keep bringing it in as I don't think central heating does them any favours.
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