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Keith Oates

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Mario Cipollini will return to the peloton this season after a three-year absence. The 40 year-old sprinter has reached an agreement with Rock Racing, managed by fashion label Rock & Republic owner Michael Ball, to become one of the squad's riders, but also a manager.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reported that "Super Mario" is currently in Santa Monica, California, for technical and administrative meetings. An agreement that he would join the team was reached Wednesday night after a five hour meeting with Ball, and the contract may be signed as early as Friday. The 2002 World champion may make his come-back next month in the Tour of California.

While the Italian has always been known for liking spectacular appearances, he may also have financial motives for the new job. Earlier this week the tax magistrate of the Province of Lucca announced that Cipollini must pay some 1.1 million Euro back in taxes, sanctions and interest.


Do you think that at 40 years old and 3 years out of racing he can be a serious force again? I doubt it but with Cipo you can never tell!!!!!!!!!!
Turn up. Mince about. Push off home.
£5 on it. :thumbsup:


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What level is the team at? - he could still be pretty useful - experience counts - especially a sprinter's positional nous and ability to read a race.

But sadly, I reckon you're right, Chuffy.

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It's a bit like George Best playing for Hibs or Jimmy Greaves finishing his career at Barnet. If they're doing because they love to compete, fair enough, but it's usually because they're desperate for money.


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I would like to see Chipo back having a go. I don't think that even he would be serious about winning top sprints, but just maybe he likes the sport. I don't think the tax problem would be a problem for him as he and his family are one of the richest in Italy.


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Chuffy said:
Turn up. Mince about. Push off home.
£5 on it. :sad:
Yes but what a stylish mince!
Personalities in sport are rarer than hen's teeth these days, we could do with more instead of the media groomed clones that inhabit cycling and particularly tennis.
Interviews that go, praise the opposition, act humble, say nothing controversial and appear Mr Nice Guy. Uuuugh!
Give me Cipo anytime. A bighead he may be, but entertaining as hell.B):thumbsup:
Keith Oates

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Looks as if there is some delay at least as Cipo and Mike Ball are doing some more talking. This Mike Ball fellow seems to be a very controversial person so anything can happen!!!!!!!!!!!!
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