Classic Pop vids-show us yours


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I found a couple of early pop videos on you-tube this morning...sometimes those items of youth get air-brushed up or the rosy tint around them, but these i find are just as inspiringly brilliant as when i first saw them twenty odd years ago :tongue:

House of Fun

Night Boat to cairo

When the lads a bit older i will show him these as prime examples of what Real pop music should be about...mad, inspired, manic, psychodelic nonsensical fun and dance ;)
This one always does it for me! :blush:

It's ALL about fun and having a laugh.



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Mine has to be 51st state by New model Army . Justin knocked his tooth out coming down the stairs of the Crown and Cusion Pub in Bolton. I went to see them play a few weeks ago in Shefield they were amazing.

Green & Grey is anouther good one.

Reminds me of sadly missed friends and my miss pent youth. Regret walking away and not keeping in touch, i'm paying for it now.

When I was 13 I was really into this band, here's a good video from them.

Thats it for now me thinks. Time to get lost in Youtube. ;)
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