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A recent issue has come about that centers around people using the CC classifieds to advertise items they are offering for sale elsewhere.

Specifically I have received complaints about members advertising their eBay auctions on CC. This pits fellow CC'ers against other bidders and is breaking the member-to-member relationship.

I have considered the complaints and agree that using the CC classifieds as an advertising medium for goods you are auctioning elsewhere goes against what they have been set up for.

By all means advertise your items on the CC classifieds and elsewhere at the same time - but please do not use the CC classifieds to advertise your off-site sales.

I've changed the rules to exclude off-site ads, but they are not retro-active, so any existing posts will remain.

The new rules will take effect at 9am today.

Shaun :tongue:

New rules (changed/new highlighted in green)

The CycleChat classified forums are offered as a free service for members to buy, sell, trade and barter between each other.

To help avoid disputes, post editing is turned off in classifieds. If you need to edit an advert, please use the Report Post feature (red triangle) to tell the Admin team what needs changing and we'll sort it out for you.

Try to put a guide price on items you are offering for sale. If you don't have a fixed price in mind, ask for offers around a guideline figure. This is very helpful to prospective buyers and reduces "How much?" type posts and PMs.

Please also take note of the following when using the classifieds:
  • Don't offer anything obscene or illegal - use your common sense.
  • Commercial postings and advertisements are not permitted.
  • Posting details of items you are selling on internet auction sites is not permitted.
  • Please do not bump your advertisements.
  • Stick to discussing the items being offered. Off-topic posts will be removed.
  • CycleChat has no control over buyer or seller, does not get involved in any transactions, and doesn't hold any personal contact details for any forum members. With this in mind please be careful how you conduct your transactions.
  • We reserve the right to remove any listings at our sole discretion without notice.
If you are selling your items on other non-auction web sites too, such as another cycling forum, please mention it in your CC advert.


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Well done Admin!

On the LFGSS site they have a seperate section in classifieds for ebay finds, then folk can direct you to their own ebay auction if they want to. How about something similar?


It's been pointed out that my wording isn't as clear as it could be.

For example, what if you want to advertise your items on another cycling forum at the same time?

The essence of what the new rule means is "don't use CC to POINT to advertisements you've got going elsewhere. Don't use it to advertise other adverts."

You could say in your CC advert "Also offered on xyz site." That would be okay.

I'll try to firm it up a bit and make it easier to understand.

Shaun :smile:
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