Claud butler or boardman ?

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  1. Tinkers234

    Tinkers234 Member

    I am currently looking for a road bike/ hybrid with flat bars. The more I am looking at bikes on the net the more expensive they are goin! Ha As I am a beginner, I just did the Manc to Blackpool ride and I am doin the Manc 100 in sept I don't want a racer with drop bars just yet! I am only wanting to spend around 300 pound today I have looked at a Claud butler San remo for 200 looks in good cond has carbon forks an puncture resist tyres. I've also saw an advert for a boardman comp hybrid 2010 for 269 also looks in good cond.

    If u had to pick which one would u go for?

    Thanks in advance for ur advice! X
  2. Boardman!
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  3. Yes, agree with this! +1
  4. If you have a Decathlon near you have a look at their B'twin bikes. They seem to get good reviews for the price.
  5. OP

    Tinkers234 Member

    Iv just Looked at the boardman bike again and it says it is 21" the bike I borrowed for the 60 miler was a specialized crossroads a 19" an the seat wasnt at it's lowest. Is this boardman too big? Xx
  6. OP

    Tinkers234 Member

    Oh I'm just over 5 foot 6 xx
  7. cyberknight

    cyberknight Wibble

    Land of confusion
    Welcome !!
    Best to go and try a bike for size , i am assuming the boardman is second hand?
    TBH i think it would be too big, i am 5 foot 7 " and ride a small boardman road comp, looking on halfords website at the current model the 21 " is listed for a taller rider.
    Assuming you can get your leg over it then its the reach that is the most important factor, if your too stretched out you can get arm+ back ache.You can put a smaller stem on it but to small and it can affect handling.
    try it , it might fit but its hard to say without seeing you on the bike.
  8. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    21" sounds rather big if you are 5'6 (and assuming female with longer legs and shorter arms) - you really don't want a bike that is too big reach wise - nothing to do with seat height - I rode a bike that was too big for 6 months and ended up with chronic tennis elbow!

    Go see it, go test it out, even if second hand the owner should let you test ride it. Or go to a Halfords and look at what they have, have a sit on one, see how the different sizes feel
  9. OP

    Tinkers234 Member

    Thanks for your advice I think it will be too big for me but I'll go an see it just incase!
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