Cleaning Bike Jacket (Endura) and gettin grease out of the Jacket


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I have bought (Last September) a Endura Jacket from my local Edinburgh shop.

Last week I bought some special detergent for this

The jacket was getting a wee bit oily after me hiking the bike up the stairs - the jacket must have caught some oil off the bike chain.

Last night I washed the jacket with a cool 30 degree wash and put two of the cup fulls of the graingers stuff in the wash.

I did not put any Non Biological gel tablets in the wash.

Now the jacket seems okay after I drip-dried it overnight but the black stains are still there

How do I get rid of these black stains? Can I buy any special stuff from a uk supermarket.?

Can I use non- biological (blue tabs ) to clean my Jacket?
Can I use washing up liquid and an old toothbrush on the stains?



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I've found in the past that an abrasive/exfoliating industrial hand wash designed to clean oil and other tough stains off hands has worked well to remove oil stains off clothes.

I simply rubbed it into the stain and then rinsed off with fresh water, and the stain either disappears completely or is reduced.
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