Cleaning Di2 - any tips/tricks?


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Just invested in a summer bike with Di2 - want to make sure it stays in as good condition as possible for obvious reasons, so are there any particular tips, techinques, things to be aware of, kit you would suggest that I need to know about to keep my pride and joy at the top of its game?
I use my ultegra DI2 equipped bike all through the winter and for commuting, only problem Ihad, was my battery started draining quickly. I thought it was water in the connections, but it turned out it was the battery indicator that was faulty, which is a known fault. I replaced it and no problems since. When I took it to my LBS for them to run the diagnostics on it, they said they had never seen DI2 used for commuting or one that was so dirty, but it has done about 6k in winter conditions. Some of the connections are getting a bit iffy. They do not connect with a positive click, but work without any problem, so I just dont disconnext them to clean it anymore. Just treat it like you would any other groupset.


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I don't treat my Di2 bike any different to my Claris equipped one. Keep them clean and lubricated. If anything, the Di2 is less hassle as there are no cables to stretch.

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I think it is quite a common misconception that the DI2 is high maintenance, as has been stated above, it is actually less hassle than "normal" groupsets/
Cyclists have always suffered from the "If it were good enough for my dad it's good enough for me, unless I can find something that was good enough for my granddad" syndrome. Any new innovation is not needed, too flimsy, too much bother and will never catch on.
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