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I tried to find out what I needed to know about cleaning, by hunting trough the forums but failed so yet another cleaning post.

I go out, for pleasure, in the winter, for once a week, and cover about 5 miles, over the wet and gritty cotswolds. When I return, as you would expect, my Aluminum Bianchi is dirty. Normally I use a small bucket of hot water with some car shampoo, and a soft rag to get most of it off. I am also aware if the chain cleaning process, everyone uses, instead of the deep cleaning baths. I am not also a person with the time or knowledge to strip and lube every part afterwards. I also hang the bike up forks up to get anything in the frame drain out the back.

But I have some questions about a few other parts.

The BB, wheel bearings and Top forks are also covered in this water and grit. If I rub them to clean, will it push grit into it ? should I spray anything to displace the water, add some grease, or just nothing at all ? Some people suggest GT55 all over but this is a degreaser, isn't it, like WD40 ? Also before the next ride is it a good idea to put some heavier grease, loosely around the entry points around the bearings in all the aforementioned places ?

Or should I just leave it all alone ?


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A good rinse down should be fine. A good bike should have pretty good seals on all the bearings, so greasing them externally won't achieve much.
IF you can let the bike dry outside following cleaning it will help prevent corrosion. Definitely don't put it away wet. If you cannot get it dry, it is worth using a water dispersant then wiping dry and re lubing. Remember to take the seat post out and lube it every few months to stop it seizing (unless carbon) Also remember the other parts that need re lubing such as brake pivots, derailleur etc.
A quick spray of bare metal with furniture polish helps keep the machine a clean machine. Avoid spraying brake surfaces.
Apart from the avive, a strip down and re lube every 3-6 months should keep things smooth.


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And one point I found to my cost when rinsing frames down after the downtube attachments for your barrel adjusters.
I merrily used a sprayer with light detergent regularly the paper towelled off any moisture and the bike was kept in my workshop. I really looked after that Bianchi.
Some time later, i tried to adjust the gear cables at the downtubes....absolutely rock solid siezed.
Sheared them off trying to free them, so it was a long drillbit, extension bar and a modified M5 or M6 tap.
Next bike i got, i applied antisieze to the adjusters...straight out the box. I wont get caught with that one again


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babywipes are great for cleaning a bike down. i used 20 of them to clean my tourer. that hadn't been cleaned for about 3 months. not harsh to paint or rims and won't wash any lube away from the chain
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