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I have Look Keo Carbon pedals and cleats ( pedals purchased 2008 ). Does anyone here know if the pack containing new cleats for same actually says "Keo Carbon Cleats".
Reason for asking. About 15 months or so ago replaced my cleats purchasing from my LBS for I think about £12 or so.
A young friend of my sons who is working in Decathlon advises that they do the cleat for £8. Having not actually seen the product in Decathlon myself the lad
states it just says "Keo Cleats" along with the "Look" logo on the pack. I`m assuming the cost in my LBS has perhaps risen a few quid making the Decathlon offer
seem very good indeed ( too good ??? ). Please only reply if you use these pedals / cleats and can enlighten me. Looking at Wiggle recently they no longer do Keo Carbon cleats.
Ta for any useful info.


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can always ebay if you get it wrong! worth a go


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Only the standard, old style, grey Keo cleats are 7.99. Grey Keo Grip cleats are 12.99 (good price). Other colour Grip cleats are 16.99, which AFIK is much like anywhere. I don't think they sell standard Keo red or black anymore. I find the Grip ones much better, but the 'grip' wears down pretty quickly.
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