Clicking noise


I own a Cannondale Quick that has developed a clicking noise.
I’ve had the cassette, the chain and the bottom bracket replaced and I replaced the pedals but it still persists.
Has anyone had this experience and discovered a cause and repair?
Thank you


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Yes it is irritating. Try resitting your front wheel. That took care of major noise for me. Ensure the pedals stem threads are lubed. While you're at it consider using an foot peg extension. Check the adjustment on the front derailleur. Clipless shoes? Consider doing maintenance on them or possibly replacing.

Except for replacing my SPD. I did everything else and my bike is super quiet.


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Pedal standing up to eliminate the seat post and saddle. (If the noise goes away, then you have narrowed it down to them.)

If you can ride safely no-handed, try that to make sure it isn't coming from the stem/bars.

If you have a turbo trainer, put the bike on there and get someone to listen for the source of the noise while you pedal (or vice versa).

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Always worth checking that the rear hub is properly adjusted. The big problem with identifying the source is that a bike is a series of tubes that are excellent at channelling sounds, so what you hear often comes from a different part of the bike.


If you've got internal cables check the plastic surrounds where the cables go into the downtube, if there are screws holding them in make sure they're tight and add a little lubricant as the cables may be fretting. I had exactly this problem but didn't find out until I'd changed the BB, swapped pedals, etc!


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Most annoying thing about noises like that is not knowing if it's a sign of a bigger problem. I picked up a used bike (approx ridden 15 months) and didn't know of problems existed before I got the bike. Almost 4000 miles later and I'm not having any problems. Was concerned about the BB after reading a bit. Was considering changing to Shimano but was talked out of it. FSA and Cannondale crank arms are stiffer.


I appreciate the suggestions and have tried them all but the clicking noise continues.
It’s fairly regular but not constant.
I enjoy quiet periods but it will suddenly start when I enter a grade or turn into a head wind and put more strain on the crank.
It won’t happen when I coast so it has to have something to do with pedaling.
Does anyone have any other suggestions.
Thank you all.
I've developed a mystery creak on a bike that's been super silent for years and more annoyingly its not all the time and seemingly no pattern i can make out, its really putting me off riding that bike but like you i suspect the rear hub might need some TLC.
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