Clip on aero bars...easy to use?


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Hey all...sorry if this is in the wrong forum but i needed a fast answer, in an hours time i wont be able to access internet for a week!

Anyway, i am considering purchasing some clip on aero bars for my bike, but was just wondering how easy they are to use, and if it will take me a long time to get used to them? I have a duathlon in two weeks so if they are tough to use (in terms of balance) I won't bother. I have tried to do what I've seen other riders do, and put my arms in the middle of my bars, resting on the forearms, to get into the aero position but can only maintain balance there for a short while, Im hoping with aero bars it would be easier to get into that position.

Thanks for a lot for any fast replies!


I dont think balance will be an issue,you have control as your hands are holding on to the ends,as i see it.The only thing i can see is they might take a little getting used to as it looks a totaly different position to what you may be used to.

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Yes, they are. You might be a little jittery at first; the bike might want to dive to the side.
You soon get confident on them though.
It's best to try and relax your grip at first, rather than grasp them tightly. Oooooer!
Ive not used them myself but my cycling buddy always looks pretty nervous when he uses his, ;):ohmy: think it may take a little practice.


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well thanks for the fast replies, seems that it might take some time to get used to them but Im gonna go for it anyway i think!


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I put mine on a few days before a TT, rode to work with 'em on for a few days and practiced on quiet-ish, straight-ish sections of road. The first time I tried the transition from the drop bars to the tribars it felt pretty weird. It took very little time for me to feel pretty comfortable tho'. I think I probably did no more than 10 mins practice before the TT, just to get comfortable swapping between the regular bars and the tribars, then rode a long warm-up with them on beforehand.

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You'll soon know when you've got the hang of them.

When a juggernaut comes flying past really quite close...if you're still upright, then you've got the jist.
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