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hi everyone i love cycling i have a specialised sector comp and had time today to fix on and try out the clipless pedals I've had in my garage for a month. I'm usually too hungover on a sunday to commit to getting them sorted and testing them out but was focused on sorting today. they are wicked but I'm not sure if the cleats are positioned the best they could be. any tips guys? I've got pretty big calfs and they felt squashed at times but i probably need to bed them in and get used to them! i love cycling i love love love cycling! i do 10 miles a day which will increase to about 26 miles in a few months when we move!

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Usually under the ball of the foot is ideal.

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Fixing the cleat under the ball of your foot is a good start. The other thing to consider is where your foot points when you are clipped in. If you sit on a kitchen worktop and dangle your feet in the air, make a note of which direction your feet point. They should do the same when your feet are on the pedals, otherwise you may put some weird stresses on your knees. BTW, there is quite a lot of information on YouTube.
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