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Discussion in 'Sportives' started by PaulSB, 22 Sep 2017.

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    I've no intention of sneaking on to a closed road sportive but I've been wondering about the legal position on closed roads.

    Is a closed road one that is simply closed to motorised vehicles or is it literally closed and only accessible to those who have paid to join the sportive? I would have thought that was quite a tricky position and amounts to the Highways Agency renting out roads on a private basis?

    Can a cyclist still ride on those roads, I doubt one would be noticed or stopped, and would one be breaking the law by riding on a closed road?
  2. Ffoeg

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    The Isle of Carl
    It depends on the wording of the Temp Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) relating to the closure.
    And it'll be the Highways Authority (aka County Council etc), not the Highways agency (unless its a trunk road) that administers the legal process.
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