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Hi, another post regarding advice for me ;) i am going to be getting a new bike on the cycle to work scheme and are wanting to get some accesories with it, mainly on the clothes front as have lights etc from my old bike and was wondering what i will need. I have a hat, cycle shorts and what i think is called a base layer. i will be doing on road cycling, i do feel the cold quite a bit so i guess come winter will need something warm. the cycle shop said they can get things in for me, but get a bit confused with all the different jackets that are on the market and different tops etc. any help would realle be much appreciated


I presume you are happy with the close fitting lycra look. Some hate it.

You are starting in the best season as you do not need a great deal to get going. In the short run, you will need some arm warmers and a cycle top. Jackets are a complete nightmare as you will need more than one. I suggest as autumn hits, you will need a lightweight jacket and some tights. With the onset of winter, you should consider a heavier jacket and a neck buff. A waterproof is worth buying pretty soon as it rains throughout the year. If you can afford goretex, get it, but a heavier one will suffice.


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I think it will also depend on how fast you cycle and if you are a knesh (cold ) person.

All through winter i was fine with a long sleeve base layer, short shirt + windproof on top along with my cycling shorts under a pair of cycling trousers.
I tried a skull cap and found them way to warm so used a buff so i had a bit of a hole in the top to allow heat out.

I only suffer with cold hands and feet so really good gloves+ overshoes were a must for me.


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I also feel the cold a lot!!

For summer, I have a pair of fingerless cycling mitts, helmet, gore long-sleeved top for colder days, a short sleeved top for hot days and a lightweight windproof gillet which I always carry as it packs down small. I wear 3/4 length padded tights all year as I have to wear knee supports and they just look silly with shorts. :biggrin:

In winter, I wear the long sleeved top under a gore soft shell jacket, this year I wore unpadded long tights over a pair of padded shorts but plan to get some tights as this combo could be a bit hot at times, eve for me!! I have overshoes, thick warm winter socks and long fingered pearl izumi winter gloves - which were ok unless the temp got under zero, then I had to wear my ski gloves. :biggrin: I do also have a luminous waterproof jacket, but rarely wear that now. Also in winter, if it's really cold I wear my walking jacket, which is made by buffalo and very snuggly. :laugh: I have a thin hat which I wear under my helmet to keep my ears warm. oh, and a buff to keep my neck warm.

HTH, sorry for the essay!! xx(


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i too suffer from the cold and find the gore make great clothing. one of the best peices of kit i bought are arm warmers. Great for winter, but also will see you through autumn and chilly days in our british summer! what i did was buy leg warmers and a 3/4 shorts so they act as either a pair of leggings or shorts. therefore cuting down the cost of your clothing.
Also mix my kit with endura too, wish i could buy all asos, but heres to dreaming...


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'i am going to be getting a new bike on the cycle to work scheme and are wanting to get some accesories with it, mainly on the clothes '

You probably know this but if u are not using your voucher in full for the bike make sure u get the maximum amount available as it is such a good deal to use any extra on kit.
In no particular order. needed now
base layer
padded shorts
s/s top
arm warmers
leg warmers
windproof gillet
glasses (clear,yellow & sun lens,depends on riding conditions )
raincape (gore or similar )
shoes & socks
For colder weather
Thermal tights
winter l/s top
waterproof winter jacket
wind/waterproof gloves & o/shoes
helmet cap maybe?
Apart from the above you then move into the same items but in different materials e.g. medium weight gloves for a nippy early morning only.
As good as the top quality stuff is i think its better to getmore kit for your money if working to a budget. You can get a good rain jacket with removable sleeves that then gives you a gillet.


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winter jkt summer jkt shorts longs short sleeve top long sleeve top gloves and mitts ,
tol kit that covers ever fixable or moveable screw hex key bolt on your bike usually only about 2 or three pieces in reality multi tools often have more than you need (all the ones ive seen did anyway )
light set .

you will over the first year accumulate a cuboard load of stuff though .


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Waterproof jacket if you've not already got one.... I feel the cold so I wear mine throughout the winter ... along with multiple base layers at times. I have merino base layers but I find them a bit itchy ... this year I bought some bamboo layers which I found were good next to the skin. And a buff under my helmet, and several pairs of gloves if necessary worn at the same time:biggrin:. Told you I feel the cold - love summer when I can wear what ever I want to.


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tip -
for under your helmet in winter or cold weather adapt an old baseball cap or buy a cheap one , trim the skip off and sew the cut together (i did this by hand really not difficult )
adjust tension strap at rear to comfortable not tight helmet holds it on , mark and trim then sew to fix ,
voila one skull cap for under helmet cost zero .
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