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I can't answer for others, but the three times I've cycled from/to Lands End, I've gone via Penzance. I really like the views of St Michaels Mount. Plus I've ended up at Golant YHA - which always seems a good place to stay.


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It's absolutely one of my favorite roads, probably ride it 4/5 times a year, the problem with it is that it's in the middle of nowhere. Just getting to it and getting back is a mission for a lot of people.

Also, come summer it becomes very busy with people who have no idea how to overtake properly.
Going A30 to Penzance then taking to back roads when the A30 gets silly fast is flatter than going via St Ives, ~1,000' climbing vs ~1,500'.
Most LEJoG riders are looking to save energy so they can go further that day.

YMMV .......... :biggrin:

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why don't more people cyle from le via the road past st just to st ives imo very scenic and quiet
I agree it's a lovely road. But if you've got 100+ miles to ride that day (ie Day 1 of end-to-end) then it's a strong shout to be slow to Hayle with extra climb in your legs that will be well tested come sundown. And St Ives can be a bit of a 'hack through' in the holidays. If one's on a more leisurely ride, top choice (with the second being the southerly option via Treen).
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