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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by red_tom, 16 Apr 2008.

  1. red_tom

    red_tom New Member

    East London
  2. TheDoctor

    TheDoctor Man-Machine Staff Member

    Ooh, thanks. Can I have a cappuccino please? Extra chocolate, if you'd be so kind. Cheers.
  3. Sh4rkyBloke

    Sh4rkyBloke Jaffa Cake monster

    Manchester, UK
    Doc, what you doing out of the Tea thread????

    There'll be trouble* !!!

    * perhaps involving riding crops. Aaah, I see, cunning plan..... Carry on, Sir. :tongue:
  4. TheDoctor

    TheDoctor Man-Machine Staff Member

    I can 'dabble' with other beverages, can't I?:sad:
    Although I do begin to wonder if anyone in Tea? doesn't own a riding crop...:tongue:
  5. Arch

    Arch Married to Night Train

    Salford, UK
    Catchy. Is that by any of the same animators as Belleville Rendezvous? Some of the style looked similar...

    DOCTOR! What are YOU doing here! Get over here now, it's no good trying to hide behind that aspidistra. Oh, when I get hold of you....
  6. TheDoctor

    TheDoctor Man-Machine Staff Member

    Ooops! *runs*
  7. That's brilliant. Ta :tongue:
  8. twentysix by twentyfive

    twentysix by twentyfive Clinging on tightly

    Over the Hill
    Ma Francais n'est pas bon. :biggrin:
    Any chance of an anglifyed synopsis please? :biggrin:
    I'm sure it will always be best in French tho' :biggrin:
  9. wafflycat

    wafflycat New Member

    middle of Norfolk
    wonderful animation
  10. Dayvo

    Dayvo Just passin' through

    In Stockholm at the weekends I used to have breakfast at 7-11: coffee and refill, deux croissants and a good newspaper for about £2.50!
    Funny, I prefer tea, but I drink more coffee!
  11. punkypossum

    punkypossum Donut Devil

    That's ace!!! ;)
  12. For some reason it reminds me of the Michelle Gandry film 'The Science of Sleep'. Don't quite know why though...