Cofidis pulls out

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Steve Austin

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The missus said thats just been announced on five live

really sad for Wiggins. I would have had him down for a win in the TT after astana pulled out


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Moreni may have been doing this on his own initiative (I dont believe you could blood dope without someone on the team knowing, but taking drugs yes) and if so it's a harsh , BUT I think this is possibly the most effective measure possible:

1/ It says to team management that you cant condone cheating and then just blame the rider, as has happened endlessly before, it is now in a team's interest to eliminate doping

2/ It says to riders that if you're caught as a DIY'er the people you work with will think of you as scum - helping break the drug culture that's been around for ages.


bof said:
2/ It says to riders that if you're caught as a DIY'er the people you work with will think of you as scum - helping break the drug culture that's been around for ages.

Indeed. I wonder whether there might now be a bit more "spitting in the soup", so to speak.

Smokin Joe

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Sad for Wiggins, but you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. Only draconian measures will convince the dopers that the game is not worth playing anymore. Riders who cause their entire team to be ejected from the race are effectively ending their careers, no one will toch them with a barge pole even at the end of their ban.
Real shame for Bradley Wiggins, was looking forward to seeing his time trial. I think they've done the right thing, as the organisers appear to be trying to operate zero tolerance and rightly, but as usual the innocent are punished as well.


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Will the UFI let these teams, Astana, Cofidis and Rabobank take part in future races?
Maybe when the dust settles but if the sponsors withdraw there is going to be a lot of ex pros!
I am not sure what will happen, is anybody?
All I know the whole TdF and supporters have been let down badly. It is all so sad after the joy of the London start.
Gutted all round!
Interesting that
- Vino tests positive, Astana withdraw, everyone says good riddance.
- Moreni tests positive, Cofidis withdraw, everyone says poor Bradley Wiggins.

Right now it's unclear whether Rabo will withdraw or not, but I hope so.

If any rider goes, the whole team must go.
Hopefully this will
a) clean-out those teams where the management are actively encouraging/involved in doping, or knowingly turning a blind-eye to it,
or :biggrin: where it's individual riders, make the team management and other team riders police it and stamp it out

Two sheds

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^Different thing altogether.

It's no secret that many people have had their doubts about Astana, whereas Cofidis have been seen to be doing the right thing.

Blood transfusions can't be done by the rider alone, whereas testosterone is simple to administer.

Wiggins has been vocal in his condemnation of doping, and people believe him.

Also I don't agree that Rabobank should withdraw. Rasmussen hasn't failed a test; he's been sacked for breaking team rules when he lied to them about his whereabouts.

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
This really is another shock to the system and for Wiggins it must be a disaster after all the effort he's put into the race. Will Rabobank now also have to pull out. The other sad thing is that the news will go around the world and the non cycling people will see it as doping but not appreciate the efforts the teams are making to clean up the sport!!!!!


I'm not sure that Rabobank will have to pull out, it sounds more like they've booted Rasmussen because he lied to them, not because he's actually broken any rule that could get him kicked off the tour or suspended by the UCI.
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