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I went cycling today. It was probably about 3 degrees centigrade. I was mostly warm but found that my fingers and toes hurt with the cold.
They only really came back to life after a hot shower and a cup of coffee.
Has anyone got any tips on how to keep my circulation going or what to wear?


I really suffer with this too.

The hands I have mostly sorted. What works for me is some woolen thermal gloves underneath either mitts or some MTB full-finger gloves. For the first 10-15 minutes my hands get cold, then they will start to warm up again. Don't ask me why that works even if I use fingerless mitts, but it does.

I haven't sorted the feet yet, my toes still freeze, but I've heard some winter boots and thermal socks are the best way to go.


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As well as the thermal socks and shoe covers, I occasionally get off and walk for a short while. That gets a bit of blood flowing through my feet and helps, temporarily, to warm them up a bit.


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Best purchase for me this winter was a pair of Northwave winter boots, toasty feet ensued.

I also have some Gore Xenon gloves. Too warm to wear when it is over five degrees.

I try to keep my torso warm as find this then releases a little heat to the rest of my body and extremities.

Yet to suffer from cold fingers or toes this winter.

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BBB thermotex shoe covers are good, as for gloves I have a simple rule if they are warm in the first 20 mins of riding they are too thick to ride with and become too hot,if they are comfortable to ride in,your hands will be cold for 15\20 mins,once your bloods warmed up you don't need anything thick anyway,just a windstopper type material.


I've found that by changing down to a lower gear and spinning faster helps get me warmer which then trickles into fingers and toes. Keep wriggling them every now and then.
I wear thin real wool gloves inside thick winter gloves which I can take off if too warm. I have used those reusable hand warmers that go inside your gloves if they're loose enough.
Three pairs of socks including waterproof ones and thick wool socks. Lace up shoes without vents!! Overshoes help too but they'll wear out if you walk about on them too much.
You just can't stay out as long. Although I managed 2 1/2 hours on Sunday before I had to come home to thaw out.


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Best purchase for me this winter was a pair of Northwave winter boots, toasty feet ensued.
Me too!
Cold feet havery been a problem during Winter since I swapped to a recumbent. Not sure if having my feet out in front is a contributory factor....but I have suffered. New Northwave Arctic Commuter Boots have helped. Despite them being Goretex, I still wear overshoes - mainly to stop myself being blinded by the fluorescent green......but they were £90 instead of £140 in black.
I wear bib shorts under my cycling tights to keep my legs warm (the backs of my legs get cold) that helps keep my feet warm for longer. I wear 2 pairs of socks, North Wave winter boots and a pair of over shoes, so far my feet have been warm and toasty and I always suffered with cold feet before this.
For my hands I wear a pair of Endura strike gloves. I have had them for a couple of years and they have gone well below freezing temps and kept my hands warm.
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