Collecting postcards.

Bigfattallchaps collection of German wooden Xmas decorations got me thinking, and I rarely mention this for fear of being considered a bit sad but I have a collection of postcards and greetings cards, every one of which has a cycling theme.

I started it twelve years ago when I received a card from a customer who was on holiday in France and I stuck it next to one which was already on the shop noticeboard.

It didn't take long for the noticeboard to fill up and after I casually mentioned it to my mother it spread around the family and every Xmas I'd receive a few from each of them.

A trip to Amsterdam got me 40 or so and I scan card racks whenever I find them. This years trade shows in Germany and London netted me about 100 new ones.

It got so bad that some of them are pretty tenuous, a postcard of some bland town centre with a bike parked way off in the distance qualifies, but my favourites are the old advertising images for Hercules, Raleigh and the like.
I have a few trade cards signed by pro racers, one or two featuring people that I know (or have at least encountered like Burrows, McGurn and Josy Dew) and quite a few really really old ones.

I now have about 3000!

Sad huh?
Not sad at all Mickle. I have a few collections myself, including:
4 tills
Lledo models (1,000 plus)
Pub mem-ro-be-lia. (We have a bar)
Loads of them film processing envelopes that used to be in every magazine.
Mugs, mainly promotional.


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I have something of a stamp collection from childhood, including a penny black, but I've never been much of a collector or hoarder. I think it shows some sort of deficiency myself.
I have a propensity for accumulation. Promotional pens, pottery, luggage tags, little name plates from old fitted kitchens, fence panel manufacturer's badges, - purposeful, everyday junk basically. I once had a large collection of passe-partout framed pictures... :smile::wacko: Another life please.


I have my dads old stamp collection,i tried to keep it going ,but failed miserably at getting the new releases and first day covers,half a page of one pound blacks a full page of penny reds,but no penny black im afraid,well laid out in three albums,from all over the world.And i am a hoarder of the worst kind,iv got an attic full,some from when i was seven years old.As far as collections go,i start one then stop after a while,never complete ,or carried on,but iv got a lot of models that are building up,great intentions of building them,but never get round to it.


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Hilldodger said:
Mickle, ask Jason to tell you about his plastic bag collection next time you see him;) I'm not joking!

And it was very mean of you to mention it that time he was chatting up a girl...

Thinking about it Mickle, I may have a couple of bike postcards knocking about, I'll see if I can find them. Better to let you house my old junk!

Dunno as I collect anything really, except at the moment old half balls of wool - but they'll get used up eventually. Sadly, I know I have the hoarder gene, I got it from my gran - the wardrobe full of soap we had to empty when she moved was amazing....


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I collect old bicycles (some of 'em were new when I got them). I haven't got 3000 yet although most have a cycling theme of sorts.


Jase did tell me about his back collection HD but I managed to blank it out. When Jase looked at my postcard collection on the holiday this year he absent mindedly turned one over only to discover it was one which he had sent to Tom Mason at Neatwork about fifteen years ago and which I subsequently nicked (with permission) from the office wall. He was gobsmacked.


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I seem to spend my life battling the ever present encroachment of 'stuff' into my house. Why would anyone purposefully, deliberately and actively collect it? ;)
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