Colnago super 1995 value?


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Hi all,

I'm brand new here as I'm not a cycling enthusiasts (heresy here, I'm sure), but I have a question, so I thought I'd ask the experts. I hope I'm in the right section and that I follow the rules.

In a nutshell, my dad died recently and, unlike me, he really was into his cycling. As such I now own a size 54 Colnago super from 1995. While I would love to ride it and possibly even get to know my dad a little better through it, it is simply too small for me. Plus, I travel a lot and I'm about to leave the country for a while anyway.

I didn't really know my dad and I have essentially never even seen the bike before so it holds no sentimental value and essentially I am going to sell it on. I hope that doesn't sound too cold-hearted of me, but if you knew my dad you'd understand.

Long story short I was wondering if anyone here could give me any idea of how much its worth. I will probably stick it on ebay unless anybody here has a better idea. I'll attach some pics, but FWIW the bike is in good condition with a couple of tiny paint chips and the chrome could do with a few rust spots removing (I will possibly even do this my self it will increase the resale value for just a little elbow grease). Otherwise its in very good condition.





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Certainly a top end bike and Colnago are highly sought after brand, especially older steel models like this.
I should have a look on eBay to see what something like that might fetch. You won't get an exact match as each bike would have been custom made. Never seen Colombus "Brain" tubing before but is apparently an oversize type.
Unusual to see a triple chainset on a Colnago.
If you look under the bottom bracket there should be a date/month of manufacture.

You can guarantee it will attract a lot of interest.
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Columbus Brain - newer tubeset - I've a 1990 Columbus SLX. Retrobike might be able to value, although we have a few experts here. You'd have no trouble selling it though.


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Hi and welcome @jackrhaines what a thing of beauty that Colnago is , and i love how you commented about getting to know your dad through the bike .

As for value it's worth as much as somebody will pay for it .

Just be sure you want to sell it before you let it go as you won't get another one
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