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Dear all,

I am a product design student in the final stages of the design process. I have a attached images of the product; a helmet for commuter/ urban cyclists. The rear panel on the back of the helmet can be illuminated to provide a rear light in the dark and indicators to signal to other road users.

The wristbands attach to the helmet when not in use.

I need your feedback and evaluation of the design in terms of aesthetics, market, usability etc. Anything you have to say, i want to hear!

Hope all is well.



Looks good, IMO, I'd certainly wear it.

1. Indicators? No thanks.
2. Light in the back - excellent.
3. Air flow - how warm is it as there seems to be some large solid areas and it comes a long way down at the back. Those are probably both good things but they might make the helmet into a sweat box.
4. As many seem to be attaching stuff to their helmets (wrongly, IMO, but "the public gets what the public wants") are there any accessories planned for attaching a camera or a forward-facing torch?
5. The shots are all rear 3/4 views... so, what is wrong with the front of it? :biggrin:


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The design looks great, effective intersecting lines. I too would buy and wear one.

The idea is good... having a rear light on the helmet should be encouraged, and having it done in a cool, and urban style should encourage younger people to buy.

There is a recess on the rear of the helmet that looks like a locating place for the wrist bands. If this wasn't there, the bands could be stored separately. This then allows the helmet to be sold separately to the wrist bands, allowing the user to decide whether they want them.

I think the fact that it goes around the back of the head seems to offer greater protection to the head, more like a mo-ped helmet which is good. Could be another market to enter with a future version of the helmet.

I assume there is a retention system that keeps the helmet off the head slightly so it doesn't get too hot, and can adjust to different sized heads?

Front torch could be a good idea as an additional clip on, if done in the style of the rest of the helmet.

Overall looks great, I like the peak... is a very different look to most commuter helmets and a welcomed one.


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Agree, great looking helmet. Like the clean lines and cool colour scheme. The style is definately more urban and less racey than most helmets which should encourage the commuter cyclist to wear one.

The rear light is a good idea, but is it legal - thought lights had to be attached to the bike itself ? (no harm in an additional light anyway i suppose).

Indicators look interesting - would be especially good at night. Could see something like this becoming compulsory for night riding.

Good luck with the product.


stevelook555 said:
The rear light is a good idea, but is it legal - thought lights had to be attached to the bike itself ? (no harm in an additional light anyway i suppose).
There is a need for a light on the bike but nothing to stop you adding further lights.

Thinking further about the light, how much weight would that add with batteries?
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