Commuting light rec: USB rechargable upto £100



Looking for a decent commuter front light. Dont mind spending a fair bit of hard earned for something I use every day and improves safety, so recommendations please?

  • Up to £100
  • USB chargeable
  • Decent battery life and brightness of course (commute is only 30 mins each way but I rather charge only once a day - infact prefer just once a week)
  • Flashing mode for use in summer
  • Decent mount that isnt going to wobble break etc
  • Low battery / charge level indicator
  • Durable, quality product

Lezyne PowerDrive XL is my top contender at the moment, followed by the Niterider Lumina 350. Anything else I should be looking at?


Regular has just published a fairly comprehensive test of front lights, with some great photo comparisons showing the beam patterns of the different lights. The discussion under the article is very informative too.

Also check out Torchy the battery boy's database. He sells on ebay and I'm very pleased with a USB chargeable light I bought from him.


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If lack of flash mode isn't a deal-breaker, I'd recommend the Philips SafeRide 80. Not widely available here in the U.K., but easily obtained from European sources (Amazon, Rose Bikes, etc) for around €80. Google for reviews; I've had one for a year and bought the dynamo version a few months ago.


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I've got these lights and I'm very happy. They should fit your requirements and the price is very good. I paid £9 more when I got mine!

Edit ** Just read you're after a front light only, ooops! The Moon XP 500 can be had for a few £ over your budget. I'm happy with my XP 300 and the 500 is just going to be a more powerful version of that. Although depends if you need that many lumens. I commute on main roads, some areas are unlit but I still find I don't need mine on max power. Most of the time it's either flashing or on the mid setting. If you don't need 500 lumen you can get the 300 on its own as well.


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Others have already mentioned Moon, and I can certainly vouch for the XP500. I point it down a bit to avoid dazzling on-coming traffic, but now that my commute is mostly road-based I've been considering getting a Trelock LS950 which has beam cut-off like a car headlight, and significantly better runtime – 6hrs on full setting, compared to about 90 mins on the Moon. Well worth a look IMHO as you should be able to find it in budget :thumbsup:

Having said that, I'm also thinking about a Magicshine 816E :whistle:


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I've been impressed with my Blackburn Scorch.
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