Compact or triple


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ive got a carrera tdf which is a bit battered but I use for a winter bike now. It does take guards and a rack so when summer comes it's going to be a fast (ish) tourer as well. Only be overnight, perhaps 2 nights, Coast to Coast maybe. Currently it's got a 53/39 on the front and 12-25 cassette. I'm not going to change the cassette.

Is it easier and cheaper to put a third ring on the front and make it a triple or to put a compact twin on? I think a compac will give me the gears I need but obviously not quite so many as a triple. Can't say I really need a 53!


Triple will probably require a new BB, so in that sense the compact would be cheaper - assuming you find one with the same BB fitment.


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I managed to put a triple on my (10 speed Campagnolo Chorus) Cannondale by only changing the chainset and the bottom bracket! I knew that the shifter would work, but was surprised to get away with the old front and rear mechs. (I think the rear mech cage is medium length.) It worked perfectly once I had inserted a shim under the mech spacing bolt to give more clearance between the upper jockey wheel and the cassette in the lowest couple of gears.

I haven't tried a bike with a compact chainset yet so I can't comment on what they are like to ride, but I do not really like the idea of a difference that big between the rings. Still, can so many riders with compact chainsets really be wrong ...? :whistle:
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