completed my first commute

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Completed my first cycle commute yesterday.

A 13 mile round trip, using cycleways, cyclepaths and roads.
I must admit that my confidence is lacking after ten years out of the saddle.
Allow me to be the first to congratulate you Mr Geordiepaul. :tongue:
First of many I hope.:?:


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Well done paul,think of it this way... you tell most people you rode 13 miles and they look at you as though to say thats are already superhuman in their eyes, either that or mad...i prefer the superhuman scenario :tongue:


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...well done!'s true...most people think of a bike ride as a 100yd trip to the corner shop, or maybe to school and back for the kids...13 miles is a lot to them. I suggested my 17 year old nephew (he lives with us) might like to cycle to school instead of get the bus...his jaw dropped and he looked at me as if I was from Mars....I cycle that trip every day,it's just about 5% of the loop I do, if that!...I was hesitiant about getting back on a bike after so long...and being so big as well...but so far so good and after 2 months (ish) back on the road I am doing IRO 35-40km a day and have ridden two rides of 75km.....won't be long and you'll be doing more....:tongue::becool:


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Birmingham, UK
Good on you GeordiePaul. The confidence does come back with time, but also consider taking a look at John Franklin's book Cyclecraft. Its packed with great advice on how to deal with tricky road junctions and how to share the roads with cars.
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