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mrs ck has done something to the laptop , when she stated it up the other day she was pressing odd buttons in an attempt to get it to wake and now when it starts from sleep mode the bios displays the system information then asks you to press the esc key to continue .
have checked the bios and cant see anything , nothing in the start up list either .
hp laptop wind 10 64 bit .


If you press select on start up it should bring up another menu. Select normal start up from there.
Don't have an HP.
But look in the bios -> System Configuration menu -> Boot Options -> Post Hotkey Delay (Sec)
It my there ....

Luck ........... ^_^


As long as I breathe, I attack.
She might have accidentally turned on the windows administrators account. By default this is a hidden account. When it is turned on you need to edit the bios and turn it off otherwise it will ask you to sign in with this account first.
its not asking to sign in to another account now it just shows sytem information and wil not preeceed till i press esc, all other keys are disabled .


Could be boot modes, is it looking for a boot disc first instead of going to the hard drive and the boot order has got mixed up?
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