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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Andy in Sig, 17 Jul 2017.

  1. Andy in Sig

    Andy in Sig Vice President in Exile

    Hello All,

    sorry to bother with this but I've had an email which makes me suspicious. My email is with googlemail and I've had an email supposedly from them which says the following (translated from another language):

    These apps and websites which are not part of Google have the right to access your account (account name at googlemail). Do you want these rights to continue.

    Check third party apps and websites


    Read, send, delete and administer emails, administer calender, administer contacts

    I didn't follow the invitation to click to see what other websites supposedly have access to my email account as the above looks very suspicious to me (phishy?). Am I right to be suspicious or could this be a legit warning from googlemail?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. My first test is does it have my name? Phishing usually start with...

    Dear user or Dear Customer

    If all they have is your email address and no name etc it's very likely to be phishing. A genuine email would be personalised
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  3. OP
    Andy in Sig

    Andy in Sig Vice President in Exile

    It starts off with "Dear Andy" but as that's part of my user name it would have been easy to arrive at.

    What makes me suspicious is the claim that e.g. Amazon can operate my account. That seems a bit wild to me.
  4. LonesomeWanderer

    LonesomeWanderer Senior Member

    Sherborne, Dorset
    There are some quite realistic phishing emails purporting to be from Google doing the rounds at the moment.
  5. Then login to your google admin area (your usually way not the email link) and check your privacy settings?
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  6. Bobby Mhor

    Bobby Mhor Wasn't born to follow

    I delete these type and I then contact most companies I deal with either by phone or \Live Chat on their sites...
  7. AndyRM

    AndyRM Guru

    Whitley Bay
  8. LonesomeWanderer

    LonesomeWanderer Senior Member

    Sherborne, Dorset
    That list of permissions looks a but suss too - the genuine Amazon app on my phone demands a lot more permissions than in that list (for some reason).
  9. OP
    Andy in Sig

    Andy in Sig Vice President in Exile

    Thanks for all the replies. I'll do what Markymark says and log into Google.
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