Condor owners?


Out of interest, are there any owners of Condor's Fratello or Heritage hanging around here? I would be interested in your opinions and experiences.


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I bought a Fratello second hand from E-bay. It was beautifully put together and a lovely bike, sadly it was just a little too small for me (my own stupid fault for buying unseen). I sold it on for exactly the same price as I paid for it though. Had it fitted me I would have been delighted with it. I am not sure they represent huge value for money though. Also I have heard one or two rumours on here that Condor take a good deal longer to deliver than they say.


I have a 2006 Fratello which I bought primarily for audaxing. It's a comfy ride, ideally suited for long hours in the saddle and seems to be well made (aside from the paint finish which chips much too easily). A great audax option I'd say. The Fratello does also seem to be marketed as a light tourer. I think that would have to be very light touring since mine flexed quite dramatically when I stuck a couple of panniers on it. Possibly not ideal then if you want to do some serious touring.

I've heard too that Condor's delivery times are going up (although mine took 10 days when I got it beginning of 06). It's probably a good sign though that their bikes are in such demand.
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