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I'm shopping for a new bike after mine was nicked, and fancy one of the SpyBike products, particularly their TopCap tracker. It all seems very nice in theory and relatively good value for money - although the one year warranty is disappointing - but the practicalities of such devices are only apparent once you've got one.

Would any owners like to give comment about how you get on with any of the SpyBike kit on a day-to-day basis? Does it have many bugs or oddities? What's their customer service like? Has anyone managed to recover their bike thanks to one?

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Never heard of it mate, do you have any links to what you are considering?


It sounds silly, but I've had a bit of a look into this and all the companies online presence looks so horrendously unprofessional I just wouldn't trust them.

Insurance and a decent lock is the route I've gone down.


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My problem with insurance is what seems to be the cost, the hassle when claiming (excess, waiting, excuses etc.) and the fact that when my bike gets stolen, I want my bike back, not money! Definitely going down the decent lock road - I'll be getting a hefty one for such occasions I can afford the extra weight/room and need the security.

I found their web site to look a bit dated but in a sort of genuine way, like walking into an old-fashioned hardware store. They may not have LCDs showing off their products and may not sell 10 types of bread machine, but you can actually buy screws from them.


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Bought 1 of these over a year ago, put in a phone sim card .set up the phone number you wish to reply too. once activated it sends back the gps co ordinated that show its location in google earth.Needs good signal or it doesn't know where it is? Does not work inside a building!
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