Conti 4 seasons or conti 4000s 2...?


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Hi all,
Would just like some feedback on the above tyres please, I cannot decide which ones to go for, does anybody have experience of using either tyre. My riding takes me on country lanes, and the occasional cycle path with the skyride social crew, looking for a fit and forget tyre really with decent puncture protection, the reviews of both are good.i just need some advice from people who have experienced them really.


4 Seasons have better p-protection. They can sometimes tear a bit, along the shape of the tread (the little wedge shapes on the tyre). Nice tyres but slightly pricey, imho.


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Been using Conti 4 seasons for a while now, they feel really good, roll well plenty of grip, and so far no punctures, after using Ultremo's all summer i thought the Conti's would feel heavy and dead, But to me they feel really good.:okay:


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Had a puncture on my first ride with GP4000S and another a few weeks later and got fed up with them. Maybe just bad luck. Were nice and fast rolling though. Haven't tried the 4 seasons but I presume they may be a bit tougher?
I fitted GP4000S to my winter bike and also got a puncture on the first ride - might have been the pothole I hit in the dark though...

Otherwise they have been fine, though I don't use them for commuting - I think @SatNavSaysStraightOn has had both??
I fitted GP4000S to my winter bike and also got a puncture on the first ride - might have been the pothole I hit in the dark though...

Otherwise they have been fine, though I don't use them for commuting - I think @SatNavSaysStraightOn has had both??
I had durano pluses or gp4000s. Didn't have any fairy visits on either and thousands of miles covered on both, with the some exception of a single hawthorn thorn which took a couple of days to go flat.
For winter, I definitely preferred the durano pluses but they were noticeably heavier and about 1kph slower on average.


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4 Seasons are the tougher version of the 4000's. They are great tyres. The only caution I'd say is you are looking at paths. I've had to stop using the Michelin Pro 4 Endurance on my current commute as there is 3.5 miles of cycle path, that unfortunately has lots of glass on it. I've switched to Durano Plus, and despite being fairly heavy - 340g vs 220g they have survived some large glass fragments - I've picked out some big fragments that would have gone through any other tyre. Just noticed a big slash in the front yesterday that would have been curtains for most tyres.
I have used 4 seasons on my 'best' (read that as 'summer'!) for the last couple of years with no punctures. I have now put them on my year round and commuter bike, where they ride over worse/wet surfaces. No complaints yet.
As a general rule, 'look after the tyres and they will look after you', courtesy of regular CCer.


GP4000s on mine for over 2 years now - great rolling speed - great grip. Only 1 p******e in all that time and that was because i rode through where they were slashing a hedge. Have ridden them all year round and found them great


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I was using GP 4 seasons last winter and they were fine (1 or 2 punctures) until I had a sidewall blowout on one after about 1000 miles. That of put me off a little getting a replacement. This year I've got standard Duranos and so far, no hassles at all but they do feel quite stiff in comparison to the 4 seasons so the ride feels a little 'dead'.
You might be better off with the new Durano DD's, better protection than the standards without the extra weight of the plusses.



I've gave up on GP4000s now, despite good grip and rolling resistance, but I have had lots of punctures, side walls are thin and easilly gash making the tyre useless unless you patch it. Tyres have lasted me less that 80 miles (ripped side walls), usually about 3500 miles on the back till their worn out or up to 5600 miles if I have them on the front and then transfer them to back when I fit a new one on the front. Plus they are expensive unless you can pick up a bargain.

Hopefully my replacement tyre will be Maxxis Re-Fuse if I get the mileage out of them, heavier than GP4000s but find them just as fast with excellent grip, and far tougher and the price is right. Only one puncture in 1646 miles so far, else their in good shape. Soon the good weather will be here and the best bike with them on will be out to keep trialling them.

My next choice will be Durano's if the Re-fuse do not do the mileage


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Gp4000S have served me well, light and fun tyres when coupled with a relatively light wheelset, however much more surprising for me is the grip and longevity from the cheaper Continental Grand Prix tyres, they're much more suited to a run through the poorly surfaced roads and lanes I tend to ride, these tyres give me peace of mind.
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