Conti GP4000 Vs GP5000

Is the 5000 lighter, did it loose marks for puncture resistance in favour of
speed or comfort.
5000 was a bit quicker and could do tubeless.

4000 couldn't do tubeless but seems to last longer.
I hope the keep making the 4000, I want to try them this summer to
see how big a difference they make to my best efforts, and keep my
current tires as spares.
That is if we get to travel more than 2km again.

Ajax Bay

East Devon
They make wider 5000s - up to 32.
The 4000SII I have on the front is on 9000+km and the wear dimples are still about half a mm to go. Sterling service. The premium for a clincher 4000 > 5000 was more than £10 for about 2w per tyre but slightly worse puncture 'protection'.
Though I see Sigma Sports and Wiggle have them for £36 - previously normally in £40s.
I understand 5000s come up close to spec widthwise whereas (ime) 4000s can be 2mm wider than spec (depending on inner rim width and pressure).
The GP 4000 was a load of turd, the GP5000 improved on it, by being more expensive turd, in my opinion / experience.

Ajax Bay

East Devon
Until the 5000s come down to the same price as the 4000s (still not cheap), I’ll stay with the 4000s.
It does look from their availability as if the distribution of 4000s is being truncated. So the 4000s are not being sold at a reduced price - normally less than £33. So I think the 5000s (@ £36 or £70 for 2) are more or less on a par, assume by Continental design - it is the 4000's successor. The latter apparently wear out at less mileage so more frequent replacement (sales). But the two tyres' target market is pretty well identical. Do I buy one or a pair?

Fab Foodie

hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
Try the Vittoria pave tyres ---- very comfy ride and responsive and cheap at less than £25
Long story short, bought some rollers, hard work....partly ‘cos I have a dynohub and can’t turn the lights off! So for an experiment I used the front wheel + Open Pave I had on the unusable (atm) fixie and tried it. Much better. Then went for a proper trip out. Even with just a front tyre the ride is much smoother than the 4 Seasons, so tonight I swapped the rear tyre for the Vittoria. As am not doing long solo rides or night rides, it’s dry and am no longer on Oxfordshires shitty roads at the moment am not so worried about p*nctures. So looking forward to giving them another go. I know they're sublime.
The GP5000 are in the post. I figure I’ll run through the Vittorias fairly quick and then the GP5000 will be long term replacements for the 4 seasons (which will go in the fixie that needs fixing)!’
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