Conti Speed King Supersonics 2.1 MTB tyres?


Not to sure?
Anyone used them, any thoughts?

I bought a pair last summer specifically to ride the 2010 HONC, but now I'm having second thoughts as I worried that the rocky terrain might not be kind to these very lightweight tyres?

To make matters worst, the reviews that I have read have also suggested the same, hence my concern. :smile:

And it seems a shame to wait a whole year to ride the event then risk having rocks destroying the tyres and having to DNF. ;)


Here for rides.
Not tried the supersonic version. The bog standard steel beaded version is shite imo/ime. Came as standard on my Boardman HT Pro and were consigned to the bin after the first long ride, in tatters. Flints on the south downs way destroyed them in less than 50 miles.

Conti Mountain King Protection version, on the other hand, is one tough mofo of a tyre. These I love.
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