Continental UltraGatorskin Tyres

Discussion in 'Shopping, Services, Offers and Reviews' started by Aperitif, 8 May 2008.

  1. Make: Continental UltraGatorskin 700 x 25c - other sizes available.
    Price: £12.06 Ribble to £19.99 Evans
    Shop around for best price - particularly in the 'dry' season.


    An unused tyre, less than 500km in the centre, and one after 7000km on the right.

    As a newcomer to heavier duty tyres, I read reviews etc - as you do - and decided to invest in these.
    Obviously they were a massive improvement over the worn 23c tryres previously installed on my bike (Veneto/Altec2, Campag. etc, Khamsin wheels).

    My commute does entail a lot of roadworks and resurfacing works - coupled with the mindless application of red chippings, green chippings and gritty anti-slip to define certain 'road user areas'... I'm sure this stuff is a contributory factor to tyre wear, particularly if you have the smoother, less mountain knobbly rubberwear!

    Anyway, after approx 7000km I changed my tyres last week and the difference was noticeable - more response and traction it seems. Did not notice this when fitting these tyres for the first time as everything was a bit different - learning the principles of commuting if you like.

    I had a few punctures but not frequently, except towards the end of their 'life' on the grind from Heathrow to North London - 28+/- km each way, rain or shine.

    The only slippiness I get is in the wet, from the stainless steel diamond studs in the road and, of course, drain covers and road paint - which is the same for everyone running slicker tyres I guess.

    Cornering and general riding - not a problem. I am 106kg and they take a fair dose of 'applied pressure' from above :tongue: Recommended tyre pressure is

    a little less in adverse conditions, ramp it up! when the weather is dry perhaps?!

    Overall, a decent tyre and I'm looking forward to increased life from the second set (and third and fourth :tongue:).

    Should the worst happen, a bit of force is needed to prise a new tyre onto (my) rims (Campagnolo Khamsin) - but this generally is a good thing as too 'easy' a tyre fit is not my preference. Always take care with the inner tubes - of course!:biggrin:


    A propos nothing at all, the graphics have swapped sides in my latest tyres - what you see on the new one (in front) is on the other side of the older two!:biggrin:
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