Convert 1.5" headtube to take 1-1/8" fork ?


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I'm looking for a lowest cost headset option to fit my 1-1/8" suspension forks on a 1.5" MTB head tube , I've had a look online and there are a confusing number of options that I have no idea if they will fit or not.

My frame ( Cannondale super V ) has these " inserts" in it, I've no idea what cups they are designed to fit. The large ID is 44 mm.

Anyone help ?



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You'll have fun. 1 1/8th is old skool (like 90's). You've possibly got a 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 tapered there - not sure you can easily. It's hard getting a 1 1/4 straight steerer to fit a tapered head tube.

Have you thought about some of the cheaper Rockshox forks (in the right mm travel) or even the cheaper Suntour 'AIR' forks ?
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