Converted back to Garmin and now need help


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A couple of years ago I had a Garmin edge touring and ended up selling it because I couldn't be bothered turning the laptop on when I wanted to upload activities etc...... mistake !!
Back then I was also doing relatively short rides which I could record using strava on my phone. Anyway now I'm doing longer rides, my wife treated me to the edge 200 that aldi had on offer this morning

( I managed to get the last one and they sold out within 12 mins of opening)

So because I had the Touring before, I already had an account with Garmin connect but Iv forgotten a few things....
My Garmin is plugged in but Connect hasn't found my device to register. Is that because it currently has no activities to find ???
Also how easy is it to share my Garmin activities to strava ?
Many thanks in advance
Garmin has changed to the bug ridden Garmin Connect, and you also need "Garmin Express" to download

Garmin Express is available here

Garmin Connect is here


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I think the confusion is that the higher end Edge can upload to a phone automatically and then to Strava. With the 200 you need to upload the data to garmin connect on the computer.
And the truly high end Edge(1000) doesn't need any pc or bluetooth connection beyond initial setup.

Which FYI, is great ^_^
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