Cooper T200 Reims


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Anyone know much about this bike? Can't seem to find any reviews online:

Bumped into a friend of mine who's just bought one and it looks lovely, and the 5-speed hub gear aspect makes it sound like EXACTLY what I've been looking for and thought I would have to get custom built! Thing is, it does seem really rather expensive for what it is (the single speed version is only £50 less) - so is it worth it?


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Had a good look at one in Evans the other day whilst waiting for something to materialise from the warehouse. Seems to be well put together and the hub gear is a good idea. Like you I was thinking of building something similar (albeit with disc brakes). Not sure about the cross top levers though. I'd prefer both on a drop barred bike. Expensive? Depends on what you compare it with. I don't doubt for a minute the market will bear the price; Cooper seem to be trying to create a 'prestige' brand with prestige brand prices and values.


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I'm irrationally attracted to everything I've seen that Cooper have done so far - it can't be too long before Evans bar me for fondling their T100 too much. I say go for it*

*and let me make sure it doesn;t get too dusty while you're on holiday:biggrin:
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