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My comment was - what happened to reply without quotes as default?

Hi Shaun

I've just spotted a couple of minor bugs in the new skin.

When using a screen resolution less than 1024 across (e.g. 800 x 600 - possible on some netbooks or if your browser window isn't maximised) then the top right doesn't appear as it should:

Also the breadcrumb trail in the orange bar has a sort of slightly fuzzy orange outline to it in Firefox and Chrome but not in Internet Explorer:



Internet Explorer 8

The orange RSS icon top right isn't that visible either being orange on orange.

Finally and unrelated to the skin, when making a post there is a spellcheck button top right of the editor when using Internet Explorer but it is missing when using Firefox and Chrome. I'd add another screenshot for this but the global upload quota for attachments is rather low at 125k!

Sorry to point these things out at this stage but I thought you'd rather know about them.

Edit: One other I've just spotted - when you click on the thumbnails when previewing your post, it shows the image on it's own in the same window and you have to click on the back button to get back to the post you are writing. It would be better to either show the image in a new window or to show it as it does when just viewing a post i.e. displaying it over the post with a darkened background.


The new software works differently.

The reply button quotes the post you are replying to (much the same as the Quote button does here).

The Add Reply button (at the bottom of the thread) replies without quotes, as does the quick-reply box at the bottom (click to activate / unfold it).

This may be something we can modify later on.

Shaun :tongue:
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