Corratec.....good choice?


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Hi guys, have just seen this on CRC site..........seems like a great deal delivered to your door. http://www.chainreac...x?ModelID=46180

I believe Corratec are German but have never heard of them till now............anyone got a corratec bike and does this seem a good buy for pottering about with the odd long trip thrown in now and again?

Thanks in advance.
Hi there,

I have a Corratec Shape Pro which is a hybrid with 700c wheels. Its very light (8.9kg without pedals) and I use it for commuting and occasional weekend rides when I' m not on my road bike. I got it from a mate who runs a Raleigh Cyclife shop. Raleigh are distributors of Corratec for the UK.

I really like the bike - it feels pretty quick but is robust enough for poorer surfaces. I run it on 28mm tyres at the moment although it comes with 32mm as standard.

Hope you enjoy it if you go for one !

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