Corrupt database ?

Discussion in 'Site Support' started by LLB, 23 May 2008.

  1. LLB

    LLB Guest

    Has it broken itself again admin ?
  2. Shaun

    Shaun Founder Moderator

    Yup - hanging in there for the server upgrade. :biggrin:
  3. OP

    LLB Guest

    We had this on a forum I help out on with phpBB. In the end it was migrated to SMF forum software, and all these niggles vanished.

    It was ongoing for about a year until we abandoned it as it just kept continually hanging. It is down to the volume of people logging on. phpBB isn't really up to the job of large numbers which you now have here - double edged sword and all that :smile: :biggrin:
  4. domtyler

    domtyler Über Member

    I think it may have been caused by the automatic swearing censorer type thingy judging by the number of ******'s we've been seeing lately! :biggrin:
  5. Shaun

    Shaun Founder Moderator

    It's simply the age of the server and the fact it's running on 512MB of RAM.

    Because it's an old server they're going to replace it rather than just bung some RAM in it.

    Hopefully should be done within a couple of weeks. :smile:

    Got to admit though, it is a pain in the **** when it goes down. It doesn't just take CC down, but all my other hosted clients and their email too!

    Oh well, onwards and upwards ... :biggrin: :smile:
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