Could this be the new Ronnie Pickering?


I'm surprised it doesn't happen with a bit more regularity, although in saying that I'm not sure someone in the que wouldn't encourage one or both to do one if it did happen round these parts. :eek:

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It is so much easier for a car, even a £40k Arteon, to reverse into a parking space that it must take a special kind of nobber to be so obnoxious.

The saddest part is that, in his mind, he must be thinking he won and will carry on with more of the same.

There's another current thread "Common sense, & the lack of" that this would also fit into.


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Ronnie who?
I think you've asked this question before:stop:.
Pickering, he spells it P I C K E R I N G.
Now have you got that?:angry:

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There’s right of way & sometimes common sense you’ll give that up. Fat stress head will be dead soon. Your health is your wealth, hopefully someone will make good use of his money when he dies of a heart attack to meet infinity of nothing.


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It's been reported that he's an ex prison officer now working as a doorstep collector for a loans company.
He thinks his 'uman rights have been violated by being videoed and his car number plate being shown. He'll be contacting a solicitor to pursue his case. I'm sure we all wish him well with that.
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