County boundary ride, anyone ever done one?

I am merely curious as a group of blokes from my kids school (me included) did the National Three Peaks Challenge last year and were looking for something to do this year. The concensus went with doing the Yorkshire Three Peaks but I had suggested riding the boundary of Lincolnshire (our country) and mapped it out on GPSies but the response seemed to be that whilst most people could contemplate walking a distance, many of them didn't have the time/energy to train for a bike ride. My idea was to do it in relays, 25 miles stages with three teams and support vehicles, that way you'd be able to do your stint, leapfrog ahead 2 stages and have a bit of a rest before you had to start off again. Anyone done anything like this?


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There's a sort of boundary ride for West Yorkshire. It can be ridden in a day if you are really determined.

Your approach is novel but isn't something that I'd contemplate as I am a completist i.e. it's all or nothing for me.

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There's the Tour of Kernow which is an audax permanent ride that follows as closely as possible the border and coast of Cornwall. It's about 430km. Doing it as an audax you have 27 hours to finish, but you could do the route at a more relaxed pace.
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