cramping right calf?


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nr cambridge
not a baby cow but my very own calf muscle. i hadn't been on the bike for a while and felt it beginning to cramp - just a little 'squeeze' - not a full on 'please make it stop' - stretched it out on the bike and it went off but it was annoying. this was after only 10 miles or so. i didn't have this issue last year while commuting most every day and i was as unfit as an unfit thing back then. it happened again today while road testing my new bike. so that's once on the hybrid and once on the road bike, same muscle, same it just a bit of general lack of fitness or could my riding style be cauisng it?


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There could be a tonne of causes.

If you had a cramp one day then went out before the muscle had fully recovered, then that might explain why your muscle said WTF a second time. Give it a rest, stretch it out a few times daily then try again. No point in trying to come to conclusions over 2 cramp incidents, could be and likely is coincidence.
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