Crank/chainset removal?


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Today I used my newly acquired crank puller to remove a steel cotterles chainset off an old bike with a view to putting this on my single speed 'project' frame as it is in very good nick. It came off after a lot of sweat and cursing. When I went to remove the knackered alloy chainset from the aforementioned frame the right crank came off ok but the thread stripped on the chainwheel side crank. What do I do now? I have sprayed loads more WD 40 on it, will it tap off with a hammer? I do not want to damage the bottom bracket or remove it if I can avoid it, as the bottom bracket, like the headset on this frame appear to be in very good condition, and the steel chainset will fit the bb.

Gerry Attrick

Lincolnshire Mountain Rescue Consultant
Do you mean the thread into which the crank extractor screws? If so, the only way to proceed without damage to the BB is to cut a slot in the BB end of the crank arm. Very long and laborious, but the alternative use of heat and force is likely to b****r the BB.
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