Cranky crank....


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I'm Noticing a clicking from the crank for every revolution of the pedals. It gets more pronounced when i'm pushing hard. Flipped the bike upside down this morning to have a look before my ride into work, and noticed there's a tiny bit of play in the entire mechanism (i.e. rocks back and forth alternately when pedalling). Could this a sign of a broken or worn bearing and can these things fail catastrophically on you? And also is it an expensive job?

I have very little time available to take it to the LBS this week!

(Bike's a Trek 7.3fx btw, under 1 year old, probably done less than 1000 miles)


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If I understand correctly, you can move the cranks from side to side. The cranks could be loose or the bottom bracket could be knackered. Loose cranks really need to be tightened asap. A bottom bracket bearing is unlikely to fail catastrophically. Once upon a time, they could be adjusted but not any more.

If it's under one year old with under a 1000 miles, I would expect the bottom bracket to be replaced under warranty.


Either the BB just needs tightening up or the bearings inside have gone - would think it's the former. You would need to take the cranks off and then use a special tool to tighten the BB up.
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