Crappy cycle paths on streetview



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Another bad cyclepath example here:,-0.092869&spn=0.01168,0.042272&z=15
This example was only installed last year, previously the road was wider with on-road lanes which in my opinion was much better.
The path on the right has a bus stop in it and the one on the left has trees in it.


Possibly a little early to already be posting contradictions but I liked the sign on this cycle path so much that I went down it a couple of times today. xx(

This lot is part of one of the worst I know, with the completely blind alley coming out at the same time, great place for cycling.

This one is also waiting for an accident, IMO. Cycle along it from the direction shown in that photo and you are completely blind to anything coming out of that exit. Amongst other things down there is Bray Film Studios, so there's plenty of drivers coming out of there who don't realise that it's a cycle path. Worst still, the numpties at the council put those give way markings on the cycle lane, so liability is all on the cyclist. :becool:


alecstilleyedye said:
Fail! :biggrin::laugh::thumbsup:

You've linked to the same place as is in the OP, Alec. When you have the place you want to show the world, click on the "Link" link in the top right corner of the picture and then use that to show us the pavéd bad boy. :tongue:
Cunobelin said:
This is a cyclepath in Portsmouth....
Y'know, I never realised that was a cycle path, I'd always just stuck to the road

This one always impresses me on the way home each day.

I've never yet seen anyone attempt to join the dual carriageway there.
I cycled by this one on Monday. I wonder whose bright idea it was the shared use path ends just before the bus stop at a bollard (just at the Nat speed limit sign), the footpath continues to the other side of the bus stop but stops also. There must of been a spare blue sign in the depot that day.
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