Crash - Replace Helmet?


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My daughter got a pedal in her front spokes racing yesterday, and went over handlebars and landed on helmet. The helmet, a Mavic Plasma SLR has small indentations and scratches in outer shell but no cracks (similar to the crash results on her body!!). I took out Mavic crash replacement when I bought it, should I claim, can I claim, or is it still OK to use?


I'd ditch any helmet that has had a crash enough to put a dent in the outer shell .... Cautious us my middle name :smile:

Mavic plasma SR according to the OP

Yes, replace
Should read the whole posts shouldn't ...

Mavic does a "Protection Plan" where they will replace the helmet within the first two years of use, but yoi have to pay at the time of purchase. If your helmet is less than two years years old then you should be able to get it replaced on your policy

Specialized offer a blanket 20% discount within the first two years, and Giro have a list of prices depending on helmet

Mrs M

I would replace it.
Hope your daughter is ok.
Replacement is always necessary.....The problem with helmets is that they are designed to absorb an impact

If damaged (even by every day use) they need replacement as even though there is no visible damage, there may now be a weak point that will cause the helmet to fail.

It is an interesting point that all the companies have a two to three year life on their products if you read the various policies.
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