Recently got my first bike, Specialised Globe, hybrid with carbon forks and alloy steerer. Firstly had problems with bottom bracket creaking, which I eventually got rid of by tightening and tightening again. Now have a creak from I think, the headset. Tried adjusting, but creaking still there. Anyone any ideas?


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Firstly! Hello and Welcome to the CC forums. :smile:

If the bike is still under warranty you would be better taking it back to the bike shop.

The creek could be from any of the front end components - over tightening is not always the answer. I'd check and make sure that everything is secure - bars in the stem, stem on the steerer etc.

I had a creak once from my aheadset tightening and tightening aimlessly is not the solution it'll only damage the star fangled nut, you need to tighten them in the correct order; IIRC you tighten the steerer bolts (the bolts on the side) first then tighten the stem clamp (the bolt on the top) check the order though. Surprisingly doing it in the right order means you don't have to overtighten to avoid play/ avoid the creak.

As bb says if its still under waranty get the lbs to sort it out rather than over tightening.


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Creaking cleats!! That's really bugging me at the moment.

Have removed them completely, cleaned and lubricated every bit, even greased between the plate and the shoe and tightened the bolts up really well.
Was quiet for 30 miles then it started again!! Also only happens on the left side. :angry:

Any suggestions what to try next would be gratefully received.


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I was convinced the headset on my Scott was creaking turned out it was the seatpost.The sound travels through the frame and can fool you as to where its coming from.

On my bike cleaning the seatpost and tube cured it . Good Luck
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