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I'm not sure any of these class as Classic or Vintage - they're just old. However, they're all potentially useful and useable, so I'm posting them here to shame myself into sorting them out: they've been waiting to get 'done' for some time. I'm not going for a period restoration on any of them - I just want them to be useful:

Bike 1 - 1982 Peugeot Talisman.
This was my dad's bike, but he donated it to me because he finds the drop bars too uncomfortable now. This was the bike my dad used to commute on, and he rode when we spent a week pottering around North Wales when I was about 13, so it has great sentimental value. It's on the wheels from my hybrid here as they're wider and I wanted to see if they fit: they do, but not really with the guards on. I do have the wheels my dad used, but they're old.

It has flat bars here as I started to swap bits from my (dead) hybrid on to it so my dad could ride it again, but I will put the drops back on with new brake levers (because the originals are uncomfortable) If I can get these wheels to work I will stick the original cranks on because the cassette should give me low enough gearing. If I can't get it to work with these wheels I'm back to a freewheel (5 speed on the original wheel, but I also have a 7) so I might get a crankset with smaller cogs.


Bike 2: Raleigh Yukon c. 1990?
This was a £10 eBay bargain - it seems like it has hardly been ridden. It's Reynolds 501, and made in England. I'm going to put slicks on this along with a rack and pass it on to my dad seems as though I have the Peugeot. It seems totally smooth - it just needs new cables, tyres brake blocks and inner tubes. It should be ideal for him going to the shops and so on, and won't attract too much attention if he leaves it at the tram stop.


Bike 3: Muddy Fox Seeker 1989
This donated some parts to the hybrid, but I took them back off it so they just need re-fitting really. It could do with new cables. This is ostensibly my OHs bike for family bike rides. It is too small for me to use daily (I end up leaning forward quite a lot, so fine if pressing on) but it's lovely to ride - it feels more sprightly than my bike, although they are both Tange Infinity. I presume this one is just lighter and stiffer because it's smaller. She would like North Road bars on it ...


Anyway - by the end of Summer I (sort of) promise they'll all be rideable. Unless something else crops up, obviously.


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Those 80s-90s Raleigh MTBs do ride lovely, there have been a few threads on here about people trying one that was their mates and getting hooked and there are a few that are used as 'expedition tourers' with butterfly bars fitted. Schwalbe Marathons (or M+) in 26x1.75 look good on em, anything 'skinnier' can look a bit lost.


I do quite like the Yukon. Shame it needs P-clips for a rack, but otherwise lovely. It's barely og a mark on it, so I couldn't not bid on it - for a tenner it's fantastic. I have slick 26 x 1.5s on my working bike - I'll see how they look on it before I comit to tyres.
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