Cycle-2-Work and NHS Direct

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If you're involved in NHS Direct or know someone who is, this is for you.

NHSD had it's first staff conference of the season yesterday in Yorkshire. As expected the chief exec and other senior managers, said 'if there's anything you want to raise with me, I'll be around etc' I button-holed him with the Department of Transport leaflet on setting up a cycle to work scheme, and he and one of the other men in suits tentatively agreed it looked like a good idea and ought to be straightforward to set up.

Interestingly, on the money issue, they said 'oh, it's just like salary sacrifice for child care vouchers'.

I went away with permission to e-mail for follow up, but on the whole, not expecting too much.

Today, however, I was rather stuffily told by a local management person, 'there was no need for you to raise that at all. It's on the agenda of (insert incomprehensible acronym of regional management structure of your choice - I'd never heard of it before) we were in the process of doing it anyway.'

Call me cynical, or possibly naive, but I interpret this as meaning something was said and now middle managers are scrabbling around to take the credit. I'm not bothered, but I hope it's the case.

Anyway, there are staff conferences being held all over the country. If you're going to one or know someone who is, why not give the chief exec the opportunity to respond to a uestion with 'that's a great idea. I hope to be making an announcement soon' or at least post support in their suggestion boxes/sticker walls etc.

Like another poster in the forum, given the manifest benefits to employees and organisation, and the fact that it ticks all sorts of policy boxes, it's surprising government departments and their ilk aren't gung-ho behind cycle-2-work. But better the sinner who repents than... (absolutely no idea about the rest of the uote, but you get the point)


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I hope that if NHS Direct do go ahead with the scheme that they make a better job of it than the BBC did this year. They gave staff 10 days warning that it was going to happen and then only 2 weeks to actually allow staff to apply. In fact, the only people who knew about it were cyclists as there was little advertising for BBC staff in general. We have to wait until March next year now and even then it's debatable whether it'll be available.
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