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If happentpenko was really as goody goody as he thinks he is, he would have stopped and picked up these bits of roadside litter.:thumbsup:


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This was the idiot that said the following.

Rule 163 of the highway code seriously needs updating. These days cars are much safer than this silly pamphlet would suggest. Even basic cars today have ABS and power steering as standard. These camera cyclists exploit and twist rule 163 to get drivers into trouble, and of couse to make YouTube videos. In this day and age, for cars traveling 40mph or less, I think 1 foot, or say half a meter from the bikes handlebars is more than enough space for a safe pass. The UK roads are for everybody.

Miquel In De Rain

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This was the idiot that said the following.
Scary and people believe this guff if some of my recent passes are to go by,perhaps I should do the double lorry overtake video.Definitely too far into the gutter,even I don't cycle like that all the time.Cycle lanes are a joke,they should be six foot wide.


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This was the idiot that said the following.
In British case law a cyclist is entitled to "wobble room". Basically, a competent driver should leave enough space for a cyclist that if the cyclist toppled sideways the vehicle would still miss them. It's scary road users can be as ignorant as this knob end.

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Cycling in the gutter = bad cyclist. I didnt know he was holding the camera, but it would explain why it was pointed to the ground so often.
Its not a camera, its a potato, which would explain the quality of the footage.
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