cycle capes


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Horsham, UK
My mum got me one last year for Christmas. Needless to say I haven't used it - she thought it was a great idea. I don't fancy increasing my wind-resistance / sail power that much - I'm commuting here, not trying to get blown across under a car.


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Northern Ireland
Never heard of them but I'm new to all this. First thing that came to mind was a cape that Superman would wear, which would look mighty interesting riding along public roads. Can't see the benefits myself.

dave r

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I've got one in my work bag, use it if it rains on the way home, it slows me down a bit, slows me down a lot if theres a headwind, but keeps the worst of the rain off.

darth vadar

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The simple things are usually the best.

May not do much for your 'street cred' but I'd rather be dry than wet!!


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Back in the late 60s we used cycle capes and sou'westers for mountaineering because there wasn't anything else! Then someone called Peter Storm invented a garment called a cagoule, which made you sweat like a good 'un.
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